Hi there, people who were drawn to the name of this site.

You might know me from my food blog, Gluten-Free Girl. I started that in 2005 and kept it going until 2018. I wrote stories and created recipes with my husband, who was a chef for more than 30 years. That led to cookbooks and opportunities I never imagined. I met so many people I love, including some of you reading here.

But as soon as food blogging became more about SEO and being a self-trained marketing genius? I had to quit. Well, those last few years of the site were me limping along, insisting that we could still find joy in it.

I didn’t know how to listen to that small voice then.

I’ve been writing all my life. As soon as I could learn to read - at 3 — and learned that humans wrote books, I wanted to write books. I knew. I knew what I needed to do.

But at 3, I also looked up at my father, who asked me if I have a headache, and said, “Does it ever stop?” I meant my brain.

And the answer has been no. My brain has never stopped.

Then, recently, I was diagnosed with ADHD.

Everything in my life makes sense now.

The relief is palpable.

And the irony is that my husband and daughter have diagnosed ADHD. I’ve been studying everything I can learn about the ADHD mind for the past 3 years. And by studying, I mean going down a rabbit hole every day to understand neuroscience and the habits that can help a mind not motivated by what other people feel is important.

Even with that, it took me a long time to start asking myself why so much of this research felt pertinent to me.

All my life, beginning when I was a little kid, it was my job to be the one who knows.

I have all the answers. I can fix that problem for us. Let me explain it to you. 

I’ve doing this in my writing for decades too. 

(You can read that in any of the older essays here, before I realized what I needed to write about.)

For a while now, my new fun game has been, “Is it trauma? Or is it ADHD? How about both?” 

How about I don’t know and why does it matter? 

If I was researching ADHD nonstop for 3 years, and it took me until a few months ago to really ask myself if it’s possible this is me too? 

Then I don’t know a damned thing. 

So, welcome. Welcome to me, the real me. 

I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.

But I’m excited to write about this and figure it out as I go along.